3M Fall Protection Authorized Person Essentials


Each year a significant number of workers are injured or killed from a fall on the jobsite. Regardless of one’s work frequency and duration, all workers performing duties at height need to understand the proper application and use of fall protection.

This half-day course will provide an overview of fall protection principles and the essential equipment components used in a basic personal fall restraint or arrest system. The course includes challenge questions, workbook exercises, and other interactive instructional techniques to enhance student learning.

This training program is suited for those who work at height in a specific situation with an established approved anchor point using basic connectors and body supports. The course material will provide students with an engaging and enjoyable learning environment.

Duration: 4 Hour Program
Course Code: 6408

Course Overview

• Fall hazard identification
• Fundamentals of working at height
• Fall protection oversight
• Basic system components
• Pre-use inspections
• Harness donning and inspection

Note: These courses are intended to address the generalities of fall protection best practices and to complement worksite specific programs.
Always consult and follow all applicable laws and regulations and your worksite specific fall protection program