Having a hands-on approach, combined with years of field experience has given Jim and Amber the ability to have practical perspectives on safety awareness and hazard prevention.  This perspective is what generates their drive to educate as many individuals as possible, with the goal of saving lives, and has made them successful in their safety education endeavors.

Jim Anderson has been involved in over 500 million dollars of construction projects over a 38 year career.  As the owner of AEC Electric Jim has a vast knowledge in all phases of electrical application which has given him an uncanny ability to recognize and prevent the many hazardous exposures that so many electricians face on a daily basis.

amber pappasAmber Pappas comes from a long family history of drywall hangers and finishers.  She served as the Director of Operations for Aspen Construction and Saguaro Drywall for over 20 years.  This experience has given her an expert level of knowledge in areas such as fall protection, scaffolding, ladders, lifts, Hazard Communication and the many hazards that are associated with metal frame and drywall applications.  She is also a trainer for the National Safety Council emphasizing on the Fundamentals of Industrial Hygiene and Job Safety Analysis.