Training Requirements for Workplace Safety

OSHA has provided over 100 standards that include explicit safety and health training requirements for employers to ensure that workers have the required skills and knowledge to safely do their work.  Here are just a few…

1926.20 (f)(2)                    General Safety & Health Training

1926.35 (e)(1)                   Employee Emergency Action Plan Training

1910.1200 (b)(4)(iii)        Hazard Communication Training

1910.134 (k)                       Respiratory Protection Training

1926.351 (d)                      Arc Welding & Cutting Training

1926.416 (a)                      Electrical Training

1926.454 (a)(b)(c)           Scaffold & Lift Training

1926.503 (a)(b)(c)           Fall Protection Training

1926.602 (d)                      Material Handling Equipment Training

1910.147 (c)(7)                 Lock Out Tag Out Training

1926.1060 (a)                    Ladders & Stairway Training